Who are we

Our skate parks and ramps are made by and for skate lovers.

Working on something you love is a gratifying experience: not only can you apply a professional and realistic vision to each project, but you can also involve yourself in each project with the same enthusiasm as if it were your first. You feel feel the same burning passion for producing a work of art, which you will enjoy creating from the very first minute; a product which will go on to be enjoyed for many years by people like you, dynamic and passionate about skating and other outdoor sports. Skating is much more than just a sport: its a philosophy of life.



The best way to create a skate park is to design it with the same passion as if you were creating it for yourself. An original and unique design that stands out not only for its quality, but also for its practicality and inspiration for skaters.


CopinRamps is capable of creating a spectacular skate park, regardless of its size. We pour the same amount of effort into the creation of a school’s skate park as we do when we produce a municipal skate park in a large city. Our professionals involve themselves in the projects with the same level of enthusiasm, giving the skate part its own soul.


Quality is the cornerstone of every CopinRamps project. The professional team, the skate park’s design, materials and functionality and the way in which the component parts come together within the space come together, focused on offering clients and skaters a unique and durable skate park.